Create connections with shared purpose that are geared toward fulfilling essential needs and changing lives and communities for the better. Together making a better world. Together moving the world forward.


Soshaul Logistics (pronounced \sō-Shôl\ or “social”) operates as a third-party logistics provider that focuses on workforce development through training and education, logistics consulting, data analysis, and freight brokering. Soshaul Logistics is a fully licensed and insured transportation brokerage and third-party logistics provider started by two CMU logistics professors with the goal to make connections that provide hands-on learning experiences locally where students can co-op, intern, or shadow in roles where they get to experience what it takes to meet the needs of business. Each load, data project, or support activity is a learning opportunity, where students get to work alongside Soshaul’s experienced team of consultants…and with shippers, carriers, and receivers – like you!

Our mission and SOSHAUL Calling

To move the world forward by accelerating transformative connections, advancing solutions, driving knowledge and innovation, while leading the way in delivering on business promises that are generating economic value and supporting social causes in the places we are called to serve, which are the communities and the places we call home.

Soshaul CauseS


Below is an abbreviated list of agencies and initiatives that our consultants and staff and a number of our connections are passionate about.

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Soshaul Movement for A SOSHAUL CAUSE

Our mission is what drives us to connect shippers, carriers, and customers with the commitment of helping deliver on the promises of providing goods that business and society need to advance and move the world forward. We live our mission by employing our expertise in logistics and being socially responsible in embracing our civic duty in helping to improve lives, communities, economies, and the environment around us. Soshaul aims at providing exceptional service resulting in satisfying experiences that create lasting connections with partners desiring greater integrity and purpose. Every load impacts issues that matter. Every load provides new knowledge and education. Soshaul matters because we are about, “making connections that move the world forward.”

This is our motto; this is our culture!

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