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12 Ways To Show Appreciation During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Every year our nation celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, created by the American Trucking Association, to honor and recognize the sacrifice and contributions made by truck drivers to keep our country moving forward every single day. Over 3.6 million professional truck drivers work tirelessly to keep our communities running by delivering essential goods and resources. Drivers deliver products like medicine, food, clothing, building materials, equipment, electronics, household products, and more to our communities daily.

The life of a truck driver comes with sacrifices such as long hours, extended periods of time away from home, dangerous weather conditions and terrain, and let’s face it…a difficult profession. To honor their sacrifices, hard work, and commitment to safety, we celebrate all professional truck drivers this week!

You might be wondering, well, how can I show appreciation? Let’s talk about a few different ways!

  1. Thank You Cards and Notes: Consider sending thank-you cards or notes to truck drivers you encounter in your daily life. A simple expression of gratitude can go a long way.

  2. Social Media Shoutouts: Share posts on social media platforms using the hashtags #NTDAW23 and #ThankATrucker to acknowledge the contributions of truck drivers. Encourage your friends and followers to do the same.

  3. Support Local Initiatives: Many communities organize events and gatherings to celebrate truck drivers during this week. Participate in local activities or volunteer to help organize them.

  4. Promote Safety: Take the time to educate yourself and others about safe driving practices around large trucks. Being aware and considerate on the road is a sign of respect for truck drivers.

  5. Provide Free Services or Products: As a trucking business owner, consider offering your truck driver’s services or products this week such as free meals, haircuts, coffee, swag, or personalized gifts for each driver. As a non-trucking business owner, consider offering discounted or free services/products for CDL holders in your community. For example, a local coffee shop could offer free coffee this week to local drivers.

  6. Care Packages: Assemble care packages with snacks, toiletries, and other essentials, and distribute them at truck stops or rest areas. These small gestures can make a big difference in a truck driver's day. There are several items that drivers keep in their trucks.

  7. Buy a Meal: Consider purchasing a meal or a gift card for a nearby restaurant or truck stop and offer it to a truck driver you encounter.

  8. Gift Cards: Give truck drivers gift cards to their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, or online retailers. This allows them to enjoy a meal or purchase items they need during their travels.

  9. Local Radio Shoutouts: Contact local radio stations and ask them to give shoutouts to truck drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Hearing their names on the radio can be a morale boost for drivers.

  10. Support Charities: Contribute to or volunteer with charities that support truck drivers and their families. Organizations like the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund provide financial assistance to truck drivers in need.

  11. Share Stories: Share stories of truck drivers' experiences and contributions with your friends and family. Spreading awareness about their hard work and challenges can help generate more appreciation.

  12. Write Letters: Encourage children and students to write letters or draw pictures to send to truck drivers. These heartfelt messages can brighten up a driver's day.

We want to say thank you to all truck drivers, not only this week but every week of the year for all that they do for us!


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