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Soshaul provides a pathway for students 

who advance through a carefully designed curriculum, that provides both breadth and depth in the following areas:



Social Responsibility & Corporate Citizenship


Marketing & Communications


Logistics & Supply chain management


Sales & Customer engagement


Research, Data Visualization, & analytics

Soshaul has pioneered a special development program that they have put in place with the help of some outstanding shippers and carriers who are leaders in addressing social matters, such as helping to move food, equipment, and other products throughout the U.S. The initiative provides an exceptional educational experience for students by coaching and mentoring them in a live learning environment. Students get to see firsthand what it takes to meet the transportation needs of business. Soshaul facilitates just a few loads a week with select shippers and carriers that gives motivated students real-world experience.


Soshaul is not your typical transportation brokerage. It was founded by two logistics professors with a different purpose. Logistics is at its foundation, but Soshaul's focus is workforce development. Logistics allows the leaders and mentors to facilitate supervised "real-world" learning that helps develop the skillsets of work study students preparing to enter the workforce.

Progressive development and demonstrated excellence in performance are recognized. The program culminates with a professional certificate. Students who complete the curriculum exit with greater competency and understanding of essential concepts and practices that are critical to most shippers, carriers, and 3PLs and practically to every business that has something that they need to buy or sell and then make sure it is shipped and delivered.


The leaders at Soshaul Logistics and their key partners are committed to providing valuable learning experiences for students. Experiences that complement formal education, things like onboarding, on-the-job training, and cooperative (co-op) learning opportunities, that aim at enhancing new hire productivity, commitment, job satisfaction, and overall success. Soshaul leaders coach and mentor students and help them make connections that further develop their skills and increase their readiness for industry, meaning their readiness for becoming your next employee or an employee at one of your current suppliers or customers.

Soshaul's leadership recognizes the importance of education and workforce development, and they're doing their part to help close the skills gap that industry is facing today. The infographic shares 5 things that you need to know about Soshaul Logistics.