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Soshaul Logistics
Work-Study Program

Soshaul Logistics has developed an industry-endorsed curriculum that teaches and trains students through practice on the essential skills needed to navigate the realm of business as a supply chain professional. The program includes a unique curriculum that has students work through a variety of modules focused on logistics operations, marketing, sales, data analytics/visualization, research, and social responsibility. Students will also be involved in assisting with daily logistics operations for the Soshaul team as well as our 3PL/4PL Partners. This is an excellent opportunity for Soshaul Partners and students to connect with one another! The work-study program is extremely flexible for students. Opportunities can range from 2 hours per week to 20 hours per week depending on student schedule and needs. If you are interested in participating in the Soshaul Logistics Work-Study Program, please submit the contact form below and we will reach out!

Soshaul Logistics
Work-Study Contact Form


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Work-Study Participant 2021

"The opportunity to join the Soshaul Logistics Work-Study Program was one that I couldn’t pass up. This program has given me the ability to develop several skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. My favorite part has been working with real-time data to drive company-wide decisions. My knowledge of different software to conduct market research and make these decisions has grown exponentially through my time with Soshaul."



Work-Study Participant/Intern 2021

"Working as a Work-Study intern with Soshaul Logistics has been some of the most informative, interesting, developmental months of my career. While the course and classwork can be very educational, Soshaul allows you to apply and grow on those ideas you might have only heard about. I had only minimal supply chain experience beforehand, but thanks to my mentors and Soshaul Circles, I have been able to grow into the business professional I hoped to be. From the interactive training in logistics, marketing, and sales, to networking and contacting carriers and customers across the country, to navigating supply chain software, I have gained a lot in just my short time working with them. While my progress as a professional will never stop, Soshaul has given me what I need to feel confident in the industry leaving school and I look forward to putting my new skills to use!"

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Work-Study Participant 2021

"Due to COVID-19, I did not think I was going to get the opportunity to get any hands-on experience with supply chain and all that it entails before starting my career, but thanks to Soshaul I was able to get experience with logistics operations, marketing, sales, networking and contacting carriers and customers. Soshaul has given me what I need to feel comfortable leaving school and starting my career."

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Making Connections That Move the World Forward.

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Soshaul Logistics Work-Study Program

This portal connects you to the online course shell for the Soshaul Logistics Work-Study Program.

Duration Estimate

40 Hours

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