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"you should start your trucking business with the tools and knowledge to be successful."

Starting a business isn’t easy. We know firsthand what it takes to create an effective business plan, get an MC and DOT number, meet insurance requirements, and make it past the “red tape” finish line. While crucial, your CDL training can only take you so far and, unfortunately, driving schools won't teach you how to start or scale  a successful business.


That’s where we come in!

Our books, courses, resources, guides, marketing services, and tools are built with firsthand experiences, business expertise, and thorough research to give you the know-how and confidence when starting, driving, and accelerating your trucking business.

Soshaul was started by two award-winning university business professors with the goal of providing real-world learning opportunities where people - much like yourself - can comfortably and successfully learn what it takes to meet the needs of business.


Soshaul aims at doing its part in closing the knowledge and skills gap in industry and driving up the odds of individual success in business. Soshaul has two areas of focus: 1) new business assistance and acceleration (education and marketing) and 2) workforce development through individual coaching, training, and educational opportunities.


The creators behind our courses (and our upcoming book!) are logistics professionals with decades of combined experience, having worked with hundreds of different trucking businesses and our fair share of brokers and third-party logistics companies. We have an operating authority, both a DOT number and an MC number, we structured our business as a limited liability company, we have experience with cargo and liability insurance, and we’ve invoiced shippers, so I guess you could say we know a thing or two about business and trucking. We’ve done hours upon hours of research to make sure you receive accurate and useful information.

It also helps that our team includes an award-winning business professor with a wealth of industry experience and expertise in marketing and logistics. Our expert team is filled with PhD, MBA, and CDL know-how and years of logistics industry experience.

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Dr. Goffnett has over two decades of industry experience with roles in logistics, engineering, entrepreneurship, and higher ed. He’s passionate about helping trucking business owners, logistics students, and 3PL professionals who are just starting out. He’s helped several trucking businesses keep their wheels turning. He’s worked with long-standing logistics companies, including UPS and Ryder, and with leading freight brokers such as TQL and FWF. His mission has always been about making connections that move the world forward, one person and one business at a time.

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Dr. sean Goffnett


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Samantha has been a part of the Soshaul team since its infancy, working firsthand with hundreds of trucking businesses, drivers, shippers, brokers, and receivers. Her marketing and logistics background equips her with the knowledge and ability to lend industry expertise in our courses, digital products, and tools. She's connected with countless CDL holders, professional drivers, and logistics students and she's assisted practically all of them with their business or education needs, putting them on a road to success. She is the wearer of many hats here at Soshaul!

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Samantha Allen, MBA



James Taelman, MBA

Adjunct Consultant/Co-Founder

Eric Carter

Adjunct Consultant/Researcher/Writer

Jared Allen

Editorial Assistant

Mike Hoffman

Class A CDL Holder

"Sam was absolutely outstanding to work with! I needed a custom project done and she was able to do a fantastic job. Not only was she quick, but also very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone and hands down will use [Soshaul] again!"

Kaycee Hagemeister

Loball Construction Inc


St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Funds


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