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Ready to

Your Trucking Business?

We've partnered with Soshaul Logistics to offer you access to

an essential online trucking business training program.

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How To Start, Drive, & Accelerate Your Trucking Business is covered in detail in this self-paced online trucking business training program. It's your roadmap to trucking business startup success.


This complete program teaches you how to obtain the right operating authority, become fluent in trucking industry numbers and lingo, develop a clear business plan, make informed decisions on a legal business structure, establish an effective budget, and accomplish major goals. It details how to monitor important metrics, including cost per mile, IFTA, revenue, and more. It provides lessons on how to gain access to new business, find good partners and good freight, develop procedures compliant with regulation, and create business-branded documents and marketing media that garner attention while conveying professionalism, authenticity, and expertise.


This self-paced online training program includes 15 hours of essential learning on How to Start, Drive, & Accelerate Your Trucking Business. The content is delivered in 50+ short video lessons that range from 2 minutes to 30 minutes in length. You will also receive 35+ digital resources as part of a VIP trucking business startup kit.

A certificate, signed and endorsed by a major university business professor, will be awarded upon completion of the program. Showcase your professional credentials on social media!


This course is your definitive guide on How to Start, Drive, and Accelerate Your Trucking Business.

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