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Load Board Directory

What is a load board?

A load board is a platform used to match carriers with freight brokers and shippers who have freight available for shipment. Load boards help carriers easily find available loads to help keep their trucks full and on the road. This helps carriers maximize their earnings.

After subscribing to load boards, brokers and shippers post available loads with detailed information about the equipment needed, freight type, and destination information. Carriers can view these available loads to determine if it is a good match for their operation and contact the broker or shipper to negotiate freight rates. Another feature of load boards allows carriers to post the type of equipment they have available, as well as their location, so shippers or brokers can reach out to coordinate a shipment. Most load boards are user-friendly and offer real-time information, which helps reduce carrier downtime between loads.

Free load board options:

Flock Freight

  • Flock Freight has a platform that houses less than truckload, full truck load, and partial truckload options that help carriers find loads and keep drivers on the road. Benefits of the platform include free sign up and booking within 30 minutes, notifications and recommendations of available loads sent to email, and the ability to instantly submit a bid or book a load. Flock Freight does not currently have a mobile app, but there may be one in the future.


  • TruckSmarter is an 100% free load board that allows their users to combine multiple load boards to take the hassle of checking multiple apps away. There are over 100,000 loads posted on their boards daily which allows carriers to book loads faster and with confidence. The platform is easy to use and has search filters that allow carriers to sort through up-to-date load information in real-time. TruckSmarter also requires credit checks for every broker on their board, reassuring that carriers will be working with trusted partners.

Direct Freight​​

  • The Direct Freight Trucker app allows drivers to search more than 300,000 loads daily from trusted brokers and shippers within the Direct Freight network. After creating an account users can immediately begin searching for loads posted to the board​. There are various features that Direct Freight offers including credit score checks, broker authority and insurance information, and deadhead indicators so carriers can efficiently plan out their route.


  • FreightFinder knows the trucking industry well because they have been around since 1998. Their software design and features are simple, but they are still one of the best load boards around. FreightFinder’s straightforward website allows carriers to find TL and LTL loads for dry van, reefer, flatbeds, and specialized loads. Carriers can also see mileage and routing information in their load search. FreightFinder, however, does not have 24/7 customer service or a mobile app available.


  • Nextload was created in 2014 and was intended be a load board option for carriers, brokers, trucking companies, and shippers alike. Nextload has an easy account setup process that allows members to quickly start exploring loads in their area for fee. There is also a filter and notification system that will send carriers alerts for loads that match their search criteria. Nextload software can be used on phones as well as desktops, for quick accessibility, but not all equipment options are available on Nextload.


  • Trulos is a free load board option for flatbed, LTL, or truckload drivers. The Trulos platform has been noted to have one of the fastest search processes available, making it easier for carriers to find loads. Trulos offers tools like freight forecasting, IFTA mileage calculators, and more. Trulos has a complicated, not user-friendly system and their site also bombards users with ads to continue to offer their services for free.

Recommended Paid Load Board Options:

123 Loadboard

  • 123 LoadBoard provides a variety of tools which support truckers with everything needed to plan their trip successfully. The load board allows carriers to find loads easily, reduce their miles, and increase their revenue. There are over 100,000 loads posted daily and there is even a Quick Pau option to help carriers get paid sooner. Users can demo the software for a short period before signing up, but to continue using the load board users will have to sign up for one of their available plans that range from $35-$55 depending on the levels of benefits the user wants.


  • Truckstop provides a variety of solutions for transportation companies including products and services that help them run their business. Truckstop’s load board provides real-time loads with over 500,000 loads posted to the platform daily. Most of the loads posted on the platform are flatbed, but there are also dry vans, heavy haul, LTL, and other freight options available. Broker credit scores and reviews are also available on the TruckStop load board. Pricing for carriers range from $39-$149. Shipper pricing, on the other hand, ranges from $99 up to $219.

Trucker Path

  • Trucker Path is a mapping and navigation app that also has an option to test the load board for free before charging for their subscription. On average, there are more than 150,000 loads on their board each day. Trucker Path software has an easy-to-use software app in addition to desktop capabilities that allow carriers to quickly filter searches by weight, route, and truck type. There is also the ability to check broker credit scores to determine if they qualify as a good prospect to do business with.

DAT Solutions

  • The DAT load board is one of the more sophisticated solutions on the market. Most companies prefer using DAT software to run their business because it is the largest network to find loads. DAT is good at finding trusted, reliable brokers that make payments on time and providing their credit scores/reviews to carriers. This allows carriers to easily decide on doing business with a broker. DAT solutions also has an analytics subscription that carriers can use to get insights and 7-day forecasts on market trends. Other tools include fuel prices, routing details, and average market lane information making DAT an all-in-one tool for trucking businesses. DAT has different price packages for carriers, shippers, and brokers. For carriers, pricing starts at $45 per month up to $295 per month. For brokers there are three packages that are separately priced ranging from $139-$365 per month. Shippers must negotiate their prices directly. Soshaul also recommends carriers explore DAT One (formerly known as TruckerEdge), which is another tool chock full of resources that help carriers optimize their trucking business.



3PL Provided Load Boards

Carriers should also consider using these load boards that were created by various 3PL companies in the industry. Click on the 3PL name to access their website and load board.

C.H. Robinson

TQL Carrier Dashboard




England Logistics

Schneider FreightPower



JB Hunt 360

Amazon Relay

Uber Freight


Using load boards is an efficient way for carriers to consistently find freight for their business. There are tons of load board options available, and each has varying features that help carriers optimize their operations. There are both paid and free options for load boards, so carriers can use multiple boards to identify the available loads in their area. For both new and experienced owner operators, using load boards can help confidently secure loads.

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