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15 Popular Truck Stops

As a long-haul driver you may ask yourself questions such as where you should park for the night, or where you should grab a bite to eat. Truck stops range in size from smaller mom-and-pop shops that only have a single location, to larger chains that have multiple locations throughout the country. This list below is some of the most popular truck stop locations in the country.

Iowa 80 – Walcott, IA

  • The Iowa 80 truck stop earned the title of “World’s Largest Truck Stop” because of their 900 parking spots for tractor-trailer, 250 car spots, and robust number of services. The Iowa 80 campus has laundry services, showers, CAT scales, and even maintenance for your truck. There is even a movie theater and pet wash available on the Iowa 80 grounds.

Kenly 95 Petro - Kenly, NC

  • In the early 2000’s Kenly 95 was purchased by the Iowa 80 group. Since then, there has been an additional 23,000 square feet added to expand their retail space. The Kenly 95 truck stop has a fleet fuel and wash program that washes your truck. There is a truck service center as well as dinner den that is unique and won’t be found elsewhere on the road.

Jubitz Travel Center - Portland, OR

  • This campus in the Portland area spans 15 acres and has truck parking and amenities for drivers. Jubitz has a driver’s lounge, weigh scale, and nine fuel lanes. There is also a truck was area and a convenience store. Jubitz is different than other stops are the private showers and Jacuzzies in the 100-room hotel on-site.

Dysart's Truck Stop - Hermon, ME

  • This truck stop location has a full facility service center and tire center that can accommodate repairs your truck may need. Drivers can relax with all-day access to their Wi-fi, truckers lounge, and private showers. There is also award-winning restaurants that make Maine food staples all day.

Noble's Restaurant and Truck Stop - Corinth, KY

  • Noble’s Restaurant and Truck Stop is a highly ranked independent truck stop location. The campus has amenities such as a restaurant, convenience store, and gas station all in one. There is homestyle country cooking on-site so drivers can get a good meal while they’re at the stop.

Little America Travel Centers - Flagstaff, AZ & Little America, WY locations

  • These travel centers have great food options such as a hot grill, a deli, and a convenience store for more immediate options. There are B&B rooms if you need to rest after being on the road as well as multiple fueling sections. The service centers on location can perform maintenance on your truck, making these stops great options if you need to get off the road for a bit.

Chesapeake House Travel Plaza - Cecil County, MD

  • There are multiple popular restaurants on Chesapeake House Travel Plaza’s 30,000 square-foot campus. There is parking available for vehicles as large as a bus or truck and there is also free Wi-Fi within their indoor/outdoor seating areas. This truck stop even has a Kid’s Korner where kids can play while you prepare to finish your business if you’re traveling with them.

Big Apple Travel Center - Joplin, MO

  • This truck stop has been named to many lists as a top truck stop in America. The travel Center has clean facilities and a wide range of food options. There is a convenience store available as well as free Wi-Fi, charging stations, showers, weigh scales, and a dog park among other amenities.

Flynn's Truck Plaza - Shrewsbury, MA 

  • Flynn’s is the largest family-owned truck stop in New England and provides drivers with exclusive access to their on-site laundry and shower facilities. The independent truck stop has humble beginnings traced back to 1935 when there was only one gas pump. Now the location offers 24/7 access to diesel pumps, truck parking, and on-call repair and tire services.

South of the Border - Hamer, SC

  • South of the Border serves as both a truck stop and popular destination for tourists. This truck stop includes restaurants, gas stations, and a motel. There are leisure activities that include shopping, a mini golf course, an amusement park and even a moto-cross training facility. For family friendly fun there is a full arcade and the largest indoor reptile display in the United States

Busy Bee Travel Center – Live Oak, FL

  • Busy bee is known for their honey, homemade fudge, exotic beef jerky and other items in their gift shop. There is also 24-hour access to fuel pumps and multiple private bathrooms that reduce waiting time. There are even reviews that the bathrooms are as good as those found in 5-star hotels.

Big Horn Travel Center – Fort Worth, TX

  • This truck stop in Texas is known for being very clean and welcoming. There are spotless restrooms and popular restaurant options in the food court on their campus. There is also a wildlife exhibit that you can visit during your stop.

Keystone Restaurant & Truck Stop – Loretto, PA

  • Located on Route 22, this hidden gem is a cozy stop that has a deli, convenience store and trailer drop. The location has homestyle cooking in their restaurants and there are showers that drivers can use during their stop. Their parking lot can accommodate larger vehicles making it perfect for overnight parking.

I-40 Travel Center: Workman’s Travel Center (Hillbilly Hideout) – Ozark, AR

  • Hillbilly hideout has fuel variations from E-84, diesel, and DEF available at there 24-hour location. Drivers can get some of their favorite comfort foods for breakfast and dinner at this location as well.

Beckley/Tamarack Travel Plaza – Beckley, WV

  • Located along I-77, the Beckley/Tamarack travel plaza is an iconic site that has everything from art from regional talents to local Appalachian cuisines. The hub is known for having tons of parking space for truckers and is also easy to find off the highway.

Each of the listed truck stops have amenities and benefits that make them unique from one another. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of stops around the country, these stops have been rated high because of factors such as their accessibility, amenities, or cleanliness. Truck Stops like those on the above list are examples of good locations that have fueling stations, showers, laundry mats and offer rewards to drivers visiting their locations.

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