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National Trucking Associations

Trucking associations play a vital role in promoting the welfare of the trucking industry by lobbying for favorable legislation and regulations, offering training and education programs, and facilitating communication and collaboration among industry stakeholders. They often work closely with government agencies and policymakers to shape policies that affect the transportation and logistics sectors. Trucking associations provide various benefits for drivers, so do some research on these organizations to decide which membership aligns best with your trucking business’ goals.

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

  • OOIDA began in 1973 and currently has over 160,000 members. The organization works to give professional drivers a voice through their interactions with state, provincial, and government agencies. OOIDA represents individual drivers and owner operators. The goals of OOIDA include promoting on the job safety and improving highway safety as well. OOIDA participates in almost every rulemaking decision affecting professional truckers, testifies at all major hearings on trucking issues, and participates in industry-wide organizations and conferences.

National Association of Small Trucking Companies

  • NASTC was established in 1989 to help members control their costs through managed purchasing, analysis, consultation, and advocacy. This association represents over 10,000 trucking businesses and is ideal if you operate your own trucking business or are part of a small company. The main goal of NASTC is to create a level playing field by giving small companies a better opportunity for industry success.

American Trucking Association

  • ATA is one of the oldest trucking associations overall. The ATA has three policy platforms: Safety, Sustainability, and Industry Security. The ATA works to ensure driver safety. The organization also researches and enacts policies to boost fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.


Women in Trucking

  • Women in Trucking (WIT) is a nonprofit that was founded in 2007. the organization advocates for improved female inclusion in the trucking industry by promoting employment opportunities for women. The organization provides educational resources, access to driver promotion opportunities, and other benefits for women within the industry.

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

  • The AAMVA was developed in 1933 and is a nonprofit organization that develops model programs in highway safety, motor vehicle administration, and law enforcement. In addition, AAMVA acts as a spokesperson for these areas. The association serves as a liaison with levels of government and the private sector, providing guidelines for more effective public service.

National Motor Freight Traffic Association

  • The NMFTA is a nonprofit organization that is a leader in representing the interests of less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers. The association’s membership consists of motor carriers operating in interstate, intrastate, and foreign commerce. The NMFTA provides classification standards, identification codes, and support for cybersecurity within the industry.

National Private Truck Council

  • This council was founded in 1939 as a trade association devoted to the interests of private fleet practitioners exclusively. The NPTC represents a broad range of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other companies that operate their own private fleets. The council focuses on education and certification, as well as business networking.

Truckload Carriers Association

  • Founded in 1938, the TCA is a trade association whose sole focus in the truckload segment of the motor carrier industry. The TCA represents operators of over 220,000 trucks hauling dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, tankers, and intermodal containers throughout North America.

National Association of Independent Truckers

  • NAIT was founded in 1981 to support independent contractor small-business owners in the trucking industry. NAIT specializes in establishing partnerships with providers to generate buying power through benefit programs which reduce the cost of running a trucking business.

CDL Drivers Unlimited

  • CDLDU is a membership alliance for millions of USA CDL drivers. Their mission is to give CDL drivers a voice and tools to manage matters that affect their careers. Their goal is also the advancement of professionalism for all CDL drivers through drivers rights and job placement opportunities.

Trucking Industry Defense Association

  • TIDA is a nonprofit association with members who share knowledge and resources for defense of the trucking industry. TIDA has 1,600 motor carriers, trucking insurers, and claims servicing companies that are committed to reducing the cost of claims and lawsuits against the trucking industry. Members strive to develop strategies and share knowledge to defend the trucking industry in personal injury, property damages, and cargo claims.

American Transportation Research Institute

  • The ATRI is an organization that has been engaged in transportation studies since 1954. The mission of the organization is to emphasize the role of the trucking industry in a safe, efficient, and viable transportation system. ATRI’s research focus includes Congestion and Mobility; Economic Analysis; Safety and Security; Technology and Operations; Environment; and Transportation Infrastructure. ATRI currently manages the DOTs Freight Mobility Program.

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