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45+ CB Radio Lingo You Should Know

Over the decades, truck drivers have developed their own set of terms, codes, and slang to communicate over CB Radios. It can be a confusing (and fun) language to learn, so let’s go over some of the most common CB radio terms used by truckers!

  • 10-4: Message received, affirmative, or okay.

  • Breaker, Breaker: Request to start a conversation or interrupt ongoing chatter.

  • Roger: Message received and understood.

  • Copy That: I understand your message.

  • Over: End of my transmission, I'm listening for your response.

  • Out: End of the conversation, I'm signing off.

  • Smokey: Refers to law enforcement, especially state troopers.

  • Bear: Another term for a police officer or law enforcement.

  • Good Buddy: Friendly term for another CB user.

  • Handle: A nickname or pseudonym used by a CB user.

  • 10-1: Receiving poorly.

  • 10-7: Out of service.

  • 10-8: In service.

  • 10-9: Repeat last transmission.

  • 10-10: Transmission completed.

  • 10-13: Advise weather and road conditions.

  • 10-20: Location or current location - "What's your 20?"

  • 10-23: Stand by.

  • 10-26: Disregard last message.

  • 10-33: Emergency traffic.

  • 10-36: Current time.

  • 10-42: Traffic accident.

  • 10-62: Unable to copy (CB malfunction)

  • 10-65: Waiting for the next message.

  • 10-73: Speed trap ahead.

  • 10-100: Restroom break (not to be confused with 10-17 "urgent business")

  • Bumper Sticker: A car that is tailgating.

  • Kojak with a Kodak: Refers to a police officer with a radar gun.

  • Chicken Coop: Weigh station or scales for trucks.

  • Front Door: Refers to the lead vehicle in a convoy.

  • Back Door: The last vehicle in a convoy.

  • Bear in the Air: Police using aircraft for speed enforcement.

  • Double Nickel: A speed limit of 55 mph.

  • Skateboard: A flatbed trailer.

  • Four-Wheeler: A passenger car or regular vehicle.

  • Hammer Lane: The far-left lane on a multi-lane highway.

  • Hammer Down: Accelerate quickly.

  • Granny Lane: The far-right lane on a multi-lane highway.

  • Bear Bite: A speeding ticket.

  • Catch You on the Flip-Flop: See you on the return trip.

  • Yardstick: Mile marker or distance reference.

  • Keep the Shiny Side Up (or Rubber Side Down): Drive safely and avoid accidents.

  • Wiggle Wagons: A set of trailers pulled by a truck.

  • Gator: Retread from a blown tire on the road.

  • Blackball: A headlight is no longer working.

  • Haircut Palace: Bridge or overpass with low clearance.

It’s important to note that CB Radio lingo can vary by region and demographic, so don’t be surprised if you learn new terms depending on where you are and who you are communicating with!


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