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5 Social Media Tips For Trucking Businesses

If you are a small trucking business owner, creating an online presence is probably the last thing on your mind. But whether we like it or not, we are living in a digital age that requires businesses to create a digital footprint. Having an online presence can help any business reach their target customers, establish business credibility, and build trust with their potential customers. Let’s discuss 5 social media tips for trucking businesses to get on the right track.

Understand your goals.

Are you trying to recruit drivers? Are you hoping to attract shippers? Are you hoping to become a “thought” leader in your industry? Do you want to educate the public about what you do or the trials drivers face? Think about the purpose of your social media pages and this will guide your content strategy.

Pick the right platform.

Your business is not meant for every social media platform and your target audience is not on every platform. Once you understand your goals and who you are planning to communicate with, you can evaluate the different platforms for your specific needs. Here is a list of the most currently popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook – this is a well-established social media platform that has created a specific space and tools for business owners. You can create a business page and even conduct business on the platform. With over 3 billion users, you are likely going to find your target audience somewhere on Facebook.

  • TikTok – this is a fast-growing video-based platform and is commonly used by businesses to connect with their audiences.

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • X (previously known as Twitter)

Be consistent.

Consistency is key! Do you ever visit a freight broker or shipper’s Facebook business page and see they haven’t posted anything in 2 years? You may feel a bit put off and think, “Are they even still in business?”. The same goes for your social media pages. Not only is consistency great for building trust, but it’s also great for growing an audience. Most social media platforms, TikTok and YouTube especially, will reward you for posting regularly by showing your content to more people which could result in more engagement or more followers.

Create a content calendar or plan.

Being consistent is easier said than done. A great way to post consistently is to plan for it. You don’t need to post every day, but 1-3 times per week is a solid number that will establish your online presence. Sketch out a quick schedule for the month of different post ideas, whether it be pictures or videos of your equipment, sharing industry news, or a landscape view you recently drove through (of course, the type of content you post depends on your goal). Creating a rough schedule that you can follow each month will help keep you accountable, active, and ultimately less stressed about what to post or when to post.

Use hashtags strategically.

Even if you are new to the social media world, you’ve likely heard of the term hashtag (previously known as the phone pound sign – oh, how times have changed!). These magical little tags are used to increase the visibility of your posts and informally file the content under a certain topic or audience. For example, if you want to target other truck drivers in a post you made about life on the road, you might include a few hashtags to help reach them such as #truckinglife, #truckerlife, and #truckdriver. It may seem silly, but it’s a very powerful way to reach your audience.

Entering the social media and marketing world as a business owner doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. Remember to be authentic, focus on your goals, and be consistent! But most of all, have fun! The internet can be a very interesting place…

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