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5 Trip Planning Apps for Truckers

Driving on our nation’s highways certainly has its challenges – from texters to traffic jams, and potholes the size of Texas. Thankfully, living in the modern age has some benefits including sophisticated navigational and trip planning software. Let’s look at 5 popular trip-planning software options for truck drivers.

Trucker Path

Trucker Path is a comprehensive app for your mobile device that provides truck-specific routing, fuel station locations, fuel prices, truck stops, truck parking, weigh stations, rest areas, travel centers, repair shops, and more. Trucker Path offers a free version and an upgraded version at a cost.

CoPilot Truck

CoPilot Truck offers truck-specific navigation with customizable route planning based on truck class. It includes features such as live traffic updates, detour functionality which identifies truck-legal alternative routes, speed limit display, and offline maps.


SmartTruckRoute is a paid mobile app that provides truck-specific navigation and trip planning, taking into account truck restrictions, low bridges, and hazardous roads. It offers real-time traffic updates and alternative routes.


TruckMap offers truck-specific navigation and trip planning, including fuel prices, truck stops, low-bridge avoidance, parking availability, weigh stations, and rest areas. It also provides location-specific facility details such as loading docks, truck entrances, guard shacks, and more.

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation is a mobile app that offers truck-specific routing with features such as lane guidance, points of interest, and real-time traffic updates. It allows customization based on truck attributes and load specifications. You can also plan and send routes from Google Maps with up to 10 stops.

As you know, record-keeping and compliance are at the heart of every successful trucking operation. It is good practice to keep a physical copy of your trip report with details such as load and lane information, fuel purchases, mileage, and maintenance records. You can check out our printable Driver’s Trip Report here.

We also offer a PDF download of our Driver Daily Log & DVIR Template, an essential tool for staying organized and compliant.  


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