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Broker Carrier Agreement Template

Introducing our comprehensive 5-Page Broker Carrier Agreement Template, crafted to support the needs of carriers and brokers in the transportation industry. This professional agreement template is informative as it provides a solid foundation for establishing clear and fair terms between carriers and brokers, helping to ensure a mutually beneficial business relationship. Whether you are a small trucking business, freight broker, or an established carrier, this template is designed as a practical starting point in protecting your interests and streamlining your operations (i.e., onboarding, tendering, terms). This informative template was created to allow for customization in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 


This file is meant to serve as a guide and information only and Soshaul Logistics, LLC - Copyright 2023 - does not assume responsibility for any omissions, errors, or ambiguity contained herein.

Broker Carrier Agreement Template

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  • The file will download as a Microsoft Word document that can be edited within Word or uploaded to Google Docs and edited within Docs.

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