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The Definitive "All-in-One" Vehicle Inspection Report Checklist Bundle

The Definitive "All-in-One" Vehicle Inspection Report bundle features three checklist reports to help you document and record critical inspection activities. The Post-Trip Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), for example, is required per 49 CFR 396.11 and the FMCSA. A copy of the DVIR must be submitted for every trip, even if no defects are found. Pre-Trip Inspection is required per 49 CFR 396.13. Before operating the vehicle, the driver must inspect the vehicle and be satisfied that it is in safe operating condition. If the last DVIR notes any deficiencies, anything less than satisfactory, the driver must review and sign to acknowledge and certify that the necessary repairs were made for safe operation. This comprehensive report bundle is an excellent training tool for developing proper safety habits and best practices that carriers and new trucking companies want to instill in drivers. Pre-trip Inspection, En-Route Inspection, and Post-trip Inspections keep the roads safe, and keep you and your company safe.


The Definitive "All-in-One" Vehicle Inspection Report is included in the Trucking Operations Starter bundle. You can learn more about the Bundle HERE. If you’re still in the planning phase and thinking about starting a trucking business, then check out our Business Starter Bundle HERE.


The Definitive "All-in-One" Vehicle Inspection Report Checklist Bundle

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  • This product contains a downloadable zip file with PDF report checklists that can be easily printed or viewed in a web browser or preferred PDF viewer. Any included Microsoft Word documents can be easily converted into a PDF after completion or uploaded into Google Drive to edit.