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Truck Rental or Leasing Companies

Truck Rental companies offer drivers the flexibility to perform transportation services, without the hassle of fleet management. Seasonality in demand, new market opportunities, and even vehicle breakdowns can all be reasons for why a trucking company would need additional trucks on a short-term basis. Rentals can be a flexible component of the transportation strategy of a company that operates trucks.

Which companies are good options for short-term truck rentals?

Here is a list of a few notable companies that offer truck rentals with descriptions of the services they offer:

Ryder Truck Rentals

  • Ryder has various truck offerings available at their 425 locations. The options they have available for rent include vans, trucks, semi-trucks, and even trailers. Creating a rental account with Ryder has benefits such as preferred fuel rates compared to local retail pumps, affordable physical damage protection, and easy pick-up and drop-off for vehicles. These options help expedite the reservation process, meaning drivers can get back on the road much faster.


  • PacLease offers a variety of heavy and medium duty trucks along with customized services best suited for trucking operations. The high-quality trucks available at their 81 U.S locations are offered for competitive rates and low operational costs along with per mile charges that are established up front. There are also PacLease locations in Mexico and Europe. PACCAR also offers 24/7 roadside assistance on the specialized equipment they offer to support specific business needs. Through PacLease, drivers have access to premium Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks as well as the options to rent Reefers, Straight trucks, Tandem Axle Day-Cabs, and Tandem Axle Sleepers.


  • Idealease offers safe, cost-effective alternatives to commercial truck ownership through their comprehensive truck leasing and truck rental solutions. They are industry experts with responsive services that will help keep businesses running smoothly. Idealease has truck rental programs to fit needs for a day, month, or even longer with a full menu of Class 5, 6, 7, and 8 trucks. Idealease supports over 45,000 trucks, tractors, and trailers at their 430 truck leasing and rental location in their North American network.


  • Penske provides drivers with clean and readily available truck rentals. They have some of the newest trucks in the industry and make renting easy with personalized support for their associates. There are flexible reservation and cancellation policies, and Penske also has top tier technology available to their customers with the Penske Driver App. Penske has 940 maintenance facilities and 24/7 roadside assistance to ensure you have all you need to keep your operation moving.

Which companies provide leasing options for trucks?

As an alternative to renting, some companies offer trucking businesses the option to lease commercial trucks and trailers to help their business operations. In addition to truck rental programs, the companies above also offer Truck leasing options to drivers seeking to get started in the transportation industry. If you are an owner-operator or new CDL looking to start a business that needs vehicles, leasing may be a less expensive option than full ownership of equipment. If you don’t have the capital available to purchase equipment, then renting or leasing may provide immediate solutions to transportation strategies. Leasing equipment gives new businesses the ability to get their operation off the ground without the hassles that come with buying, maintaining, and insuring all the equipment. Here is a list of a few leasing companies that may be right for you:


  • Roehl has a vehicle selection and paid CDL training opportunities that are great for owner-operators (or those seeking to become an owner-operator). Roehl has a variety of fleet options including dry van, flatbed, specialized, refrigerated, and dedicated truckload equipment. The company offers 24/7 customer support with nationwide coverage to customers that lease through them. The benefits of leasing with Roehl are that they don’t require experience to lease on and have a training program that requires little upfront money. Roehl will also pay extra in certain situations like secondary loads. There are risks of working with Roehl, however, as they may require drivers to sign longer-term contracts than drivers would like.


  • Schneider encourages owner-operators to explore all their options when making a decision that will benefit their business. Schneider offers multiple options to owner-operators that do business with them, including the option to lease a new or gently used truck from SFI Trucks and Financing. SFI offers low money-down lease options that adjust to any credit situation and provides reliable trucks with industry-leading warranties. Schneider also allows owner-operators to purchase or lease their truck from an independent dealership, but they must meet the qualifications of Schneider’s checklist and attend on-boarding at a Schneider facility where a full DOT inspection will take place.

Rush Truck Leasing

  • Rush Truck Leasing offers full-service truck leasing, short-term rental programs, emergency roadside assistance, and more. They have a fleet of nearly 7,000 heavy and medium-duty trucks from Peterbilt and International that have a wide range of specifications and applications. Rush Truck Leasing customizes lease or rental programs to fit their customers’ exact business needs. Their full-service truck leases are designed to offer a cost-saving alternative too owning your own fleet.

What companies focus on box trucks or van rentals specifically?


Sometimes newer companies focus on hauling smaller, less heavy freight and do not require full semi-truck or trailer options. In these cases, there are companies that primarily focus on renting out box trucks and vans, rather than larger rigs. This list below details a few of these companies.




Budget Truck Rental

Which companies focus on trailer only leases or rentals?

Premier Trailer Leasing

  • Premier Trailer Leasing is one of the largest trailer leasing and rental companies in the country. They offer flexible options that don’t force drivers to compromise on customer experience as they have 60,000 vans, flatbeds, and reefer equipment available in a growing network of locations. Their new trailers and technology have benefits such as real-time GPS tracking, refrigeration monitoring and control, and fuel savings. They also have 24/7 roadside assistance available to their customers.

Xtra Lease

  • Account holders with Xtra Lease have access to a variety of trailer types that are durable and reliable. Xtra Lease has dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds equipped with technology that are designed to save drivers time and money. Account holders with Xtra Lease have immediate access to view trailer registrations, request FHWA inspections, and request license plate replacements.

McKinney Trailer Rentals

  • McKinney allows drivers to choose from over 35,000 well-maintained trailers and reduce their downtime by relying on their full-service maintenance options available at their branch locations. McKinney has dry van trailers, flatbed trailers, refrigerated trailers, and heavy duty chassis as options for lease. Drivers can explore these options and cost-effective solutions to find a flexible solution to their transportation needs.

Compass Trailer Lease

  • Compass Trailer lease has an online platform that makes customer lives easier. There is a quick online application that allows customers to specify trailer specifications and view their customer portal as well.

Wyatt Leasing

  • Wyatt Leasing provides unique customer service as their goal. Wyatt Leasing creates solutions for the sake of their customers. They work with a wide range of transport professionals to finance their equipment and get their business off the ground.

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