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5 Different Types of Driver Bonus Pay

Different trucking companies offer various types of driver bonus pay to incentivize and reward specific behaviors or achievements. Please note that each trucking company will have different types of bonuses with different requirements to earn them. Here's a general overview of each type of bonus and how drivers can earn them:

Safe Driving Bonus

A safe driving bonus is awarded to drivers who maintain a record of safe driving practices, typically measured by the absence of accidents or violations over a specific period.

How to Earn:

  • Maintain a clean driving record with no accidents or moving violations.

  • Follow all safety protocols and regulations.

  • Complete required safety training.


Fuel Efficient Driving Bonus

This bonus encourages drivers to adopt fuel-efficient driving habits, contributing to cost savings for the company and reducing environmental impact.

How to Earn:

  • Practice fuel-efficient driving techniques, such as smooth acceleration and deceleration.

  • Minimize idling time or maximize cruise control.

  • Strive to get the highest miles per gallon possible.


Clean Inspection Bonus

A clean inspection bonus is given to drivers who pass roadside inspections with no safety violations. It promotes compliance with safety regulations and ensures that the truck and its cargo meet all requirements.

How to Earn:


OTIF Bonus (On-Time, In-Full)

This bonus is tied to a driver's ability to deliver shipments on time and in full, in accordance with customer requirements.

How to Earn:

  • Plan routes efficiently to meet delivery schedules.

  • Communicate effectively with dispatch to address potential delays.

  • Ensure accurate and complete count and documentation for each shipment.


Referral Bonus

A referral bonus is provided to drivers who refer qualified individuals to the company and who subsequently join and meet specific criteria, such as completing a certain number of miles or staying with the company for a designated period.

How to Earn:

  • Refer potential drivers to the company.

  • Ensure that the referred individuals meet the company's hiring criteria.

  • Typically, the referral bonus is awarded once the referred driver completes a specified milestone, such as driving a certain number of miles or staying with the company for a predetermined duration.

Drivers need to familiarize themselves with their company's specific bonus programs, as eligibility criteria and bonus structures can vary. Be sure to communicate with your company's management or human resources department to provide clarity on how to qualify for and maximize these bonus opportunities!


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