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7 Reasons Why Veterans Transition from Service to Trucking

Did you know 1 in 10 truck drivers are military veterans? Let’s uncover 7 primary reasons why veterans may trade in their boots for driving shoes.

Transferable Skills

Military service often provides veterans with skills that are highly transferable to the trucking industry. Skills such as discipline, attention to detail, time management, and the ability to handle stressful situations are crucial in both military service and trucking.

Experience Operating Vehicles

Many military personnel have experience operating large vehicles, such as trucks and transport vehicles, during their service. This experience can make it easier for them to transition into a career as a truck driver. Some veterans may qualify for the Military Skills Test Waiver Program which allows service members with two years of experience operating heavy military vehicles to get their CDL without taking the driving/skills test.

Job Opportunities

The trucking industry offers a wide range of job opportunities, and it is often more accessible for veterans who may not have a college degree. Many trucking companies actively seek to hire veterans and recognize the value of their skills and may offer specific programs or incentives for them. This includes initiatives such as training programs, mentorship opportunities, and support networks for veteran truckers.

Supportive Programs

Various programs and initiatives exist to facilitate the transition of veterans into the trucking industry. The Military Skills Test Waiver Program, as mentioned earlier, is one example that helps veterans with military equipment experience obtain a commercial driver's license more easily. A list of federal resources for veterans interested in joining the trucking industry can be found here.

Independence and Autonomy

Truck driving often provides a sense of independence and autonomy. For veterans who are used to taking responsibility and making decisions, the freedom of the open road can be an attractive aspect of a career in trucking.

Stable Employment

The trucking industry is known for providing stable employment opportunities. Veterans seeking a reliable and steady career path may be drawn to the consistent demand for truck drivers in the transportation industry.

Structured Lifestyle

The structured and regimented lifestyle in the military can be similar to the schedule of a truck driver. Veterans who are accustomed to following a strict routine may find the structured nature of trucking appealing.

The combination of transferable skills, experience with operating large vehicles, job opportunities, and supportive programs makes trucking an appealing career option for many veterans transitioning to civilian life. Additionally, the sense of camaraderie and shared experiences within the trucking community may resonate with individuals who are accustomed to the close-knit bonds formed during military service. This may be why so many veterans seek careers in the trucking industry.


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