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7 Trucking Business Marketing Opportunities You Might Be Missing While On the Road

Whether we like it or not, owning a business means marketing it. If you’re an owner-operator, you may find it challenging to find the time (when you aren’t driving) to generate and execute unique marketing ideas. So, here’s a quick tip: Every load you pick up and deliver is an opportunity to build your brand and market your trucking business. Let me further explain.

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that social media is now an essential part of business. You should be using it to share your story, craft your brand, build community, connect with potential customers, showcase business credibility…and maybe occasionally post memes.

But in all seriousness, there is massive potential to market your business through social channels by simply using your driving experiences and trips to share with your audience. Additionally, you can use your time out on the road to scope out potential customers or network with industry members.

Tell A Story

Life on the road sure has its dull and interesting moments. Share those moments with your community. Whether it be funny, happy, or sad – it’s a chance to connect with others. You can talk about a challenge you overcame, a fellow driver you met at the truck stop, how you secured a difficult load, or how your customer sang praises when you delivered right on time. Every small story is a chance to showcase your service, personalize your brand, and position you as an expert in your industry. You’ve likely seen more miles of America than most people ever will, and that’s pretty cool! People want to hear and learn about your experiences.

It’s probably a good idea to keep your stories as PG as possible and avoid politics at all costs!

Take A Picture

Visual content is more memorable and appealing than text! Going to the mountains for your next delivery? Get a cool shot of your truck with a great view. Had to tarp an interesting load? Snap a photo of it to showcase your skills. Stopped for the evening? Share a picture of your dinner, dash, or equipment and tell a story! Offer specialized equipment services? Photograph your equipment and share it on your page!

Create Educational Content

Creating educational content can be more time-intensive, but it can position you as an expert in your field AND help others. If you have a website, you can create blog posts teaching shippers or even other drivers best industry practices. You can use your social channels to teach others, share industry news, or create demonstrations. For example, if you are waiting to get loaded, you could talk about the documentation process of booking a load or maybe discuss how HOS rules work.

Gather Client Testimonials

As you pick up and deliver loads to new places and meet new faces, pay close attention to even the smallest of praises. Trucking is usually a thankless job, but when you do receive a testimonial or praise be sure to document it. This can be shared on your website, on your social channels, or even when bidding on new opportunities. Any chance to showcase trust, credibility, and reliability gets you another step closer to bigger and better business opportunities.

Scope Out Prospects

It may already be obvious, but utilize your trips to prospect new shippers and customers. That does NOT mean to back solicit your freight broker’s customers (this is a breach of contract). It does mean that when you are loading or unloading, pay attention to the surrounding businesses. Receivers may have leads for local backhaul opportunities. Shippers may be happy to share a referral if you've proven you’re a reliable partner. Take notice of large industrial parks with potential inbound or outbound freight and make a note for later. Use your trips as a way to generate leads for new business.


Whether you are at a truck stop or waiting to get loaded, take advantage of meeting new people as a way to connect and network. Unfortunately, much of business is about who you know and the more people you know, well the more that luck will find you.

Spread Positivity & Shoutout Industry Members

If you’ve worked with a great freight broker, lumper, dealership, dispatcher, shipper, service provider, or repair shop, shout them out on your social channels. The trucking industry needs more positivity and it’s a simple way to show appreciation and build long-lasting relationships with business partners.  

So, while you are out on the road, don’t lose sight of these strategies as a way to accelerate your trucking business. Running and growing your business or brand is a difficult challenge, but remember that every load is a chance to share your story, connect with others, and discover new opportunities.


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