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5 Ways To Get Paid Sooner

For truckers, getting paid promptly is crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow and ensuring the success of their business. Unfortunately, delayed payments can be a common issue in the industry. However, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of receiving payment sooner. Let’s discuss five effective strategies that can help you get paid faster as a trucker. By implementing these tactics, you can streamline your payment process, reduce payment delays, and keep your business running smoothly.

Send Signed Proof of Delivery and Invoice ASAP

One of the first steps to getting paid sooner as a trucker is to promptly send the signed proof of delivery (POD), typically the signed Bill of Lading (BOL), and invoice to the relevant parties (shipper or paying customer). Once you have completed a delivery, ensure that the POD is accurately filled out and signed by the recipient. This serves as crucial evidence that the goods were delivered as agreed. Without a proper POD, disputes may arise, leading to payment delays.

Alongside the POD, sending your invoice promptly is equally important. Include all relevant details such as your contact information, the invoice date, a breakdown of services provided, and the agreed-upon payment terms. By promptly submitting these documents, you demonstrate professionalism and facilitate the payment process for your clients.

Clearly State Payment Terms in Email and Invoice

To avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, clearly state your payment terms in both your initial email and invoice. Specify the due date for payment, acceptable payment methods, and any applicable penalties for late payments. By explicitly communicating your expectations, you establish a transparent working relationship with your customers and increase the likelihood of timely payments.

Follow Up a Few Days Before Due

Proactive communication plays a vital role in getting paid sooner. A few days before the payment due date, reach out to your customers to remind them of the upcoming payment deadline. This friendly reminder serves as a gentle nudge and prompts them to prioritize your payment. You can utilize various communication channels, such as email or phone calls, to ensure your message reaches the right person.

Offer Rewards for Early Payment

Incentivizing early payments can be an effective strategy to encourage customers to settle their invoices promptly. Consider offering discounts or other rewards for clients who pay before the due date. Discounts can be specified on the invoice, for example. This not only creates an appealing incentive for clients to prioritize your payment but also fosters a positive relationship by showing your appreciation for their timely payments.

Credit Check Brokers and Shippers

When working with brokers or shippers, it is essential to conduct a credit check before accepting loads from them. Research the company's payment history and reputation to ensure they have a track record of timely payments to their carrier partners. Some load boards will list a broker's days-to-pay, for example. This step helps you avoid potential payment issues and minimizes the risk of working with unreliable customers.

Bonus: Work With a Factoring Company

Another option to expedite payment is to work with a factoring company. Factoring is when a financial institution, or factoring company, such as RTS Financial, OTR, or Triumph, purchases your open invoices or, in other words, finance your accounts receivables. Some trucking companies factor all of their invoices, while others factor invoices for customers that take the longest to pay. They, the factoring company, will pay you for your invoices. The factoring company will turn around and collect payment on your invoice or invoices from your customers (e.g., shipper, broker). In return, the factoring company provides you with immediate payment for the invoices, typically within 24 to 48 hours. This option can be particularly helpful if you are facing cash flow challenges and need funds quickly. While you receive a reduced amount upfront, it eliminates the waiting time for payment and provides you with immediate access to working capital.

Timely payment is crucial for truckers to maintain a healthy cash flow and sustain their businesses. By implementing these five strategies, you can increase the likelihood of getting paid sooner.

Remember, open and transparent communication is key. By fostering strong relationships with your customers, maintaining professionalism, and ensuring clear expectations, you can create a mutually beneficial environment that promotes prompt payment. Ultimately, these efforts will help you run a successful trucking business and ensure a steady income stream.


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